Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, it seems shabby cheap has become shabby chic.  The term thrifting is now a verb, not to mention a national pastime.  Why the growing social acceptance?  Let us count the ways:

*prices are a fraction of original retail prices and often 60%-80% less on designer and better apparel, shoes and sporting goods

*you can still maintain an upscale lifestyle on a tight budget

*you can buy designer and better brands that you could not normally afford

*you can find items that are unusual, especially if you shop vintage

*you can be more trendy/stylish knowing that if your purchase doesn't suit you, it can be resold or consigned, and because you didn't pay much for the item, your fashion faux pas is a free pass

*you can expand your wardrobe without expanding your budget

*you can turn over your wardrobe faster because the less yo pay for an item, the easier it is to let it go

*you can feel good about what you buy because you are paying less and have the ability to recycle what you buy (thereby recovering some of your initial investment)

What's not to love about this process?  It's a win-win for everyone involved!  Happy shopping!

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