Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Remember the old paradigm of a resale store - messy, disorganized, dirty, smelly, no fitting rooms, old items in poor condition, dimly lit?  No wonder people rejected the concept, not to mention the presentation and merchandise.  it was truly a discount disaster zone.

The chief complaint of thrift store shoppers in the past has been the offensive odor - rather like old socks, according to some people.  Shopping is a sensory experience, so when a shopper enters a store, it must look good, sound good, feel good, and, of course, smell good.

Shoppers expect shopping venues to be pleasant, and since the majority of -people are strongly visual, presentation is everything.  Merchandise must be clean, in good condition, well-displayed by color, size and price.  Lighting must be bright and cheerful.  There must be fitting rooms with mirrors, relaxing music and friendly staff.

It's apparent that many of the thrift stores today have hired retail consultants to shape up their stores, and the results of the cosmetic surgery are dramatic.  The stores have lifted, nipped and tucked their presentation and content, putting a new face on thrift store shopping.  Now they often compete with their retail cousins for the most beautiful shopping smile.

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